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John Wray McCann                                                                                                              
Victorian Minister for Romance
Melbourne Capital City of Romance
Victoria State of Romance
astride hundreds of miles worth of golden beaches, golden landscapes and romantic cities built on Gold! Gold! Gold! The bullion stuff! Victoria,the state that has Erroll Flynn,Ned Kelly,Heath Ledger,Nicole Kidman,Hugh Jackman and Crocodile Dundee for breakfast.Where the men are so handsome they've got to be licenced and the women so chaste they have to slow down.But.......
   Who is Stallion of The Millennium?
World 1st Cyberspace Olympics, 1st Olympics of Muscle + Mind + Character, 1st Olympics of  Sport + Art + Chivalry,
1st Renaissance Man Olympics, 1st Action Man Olympics, 1st Olympics of The Human Sperm Cell Genes? Who is
Stallion Millennium Man? 1st Olympics Centathon 100 Genes.These are all one and the same contest: The Olympics of 100 bench mark genes listed later from secret documents.This track record V track record; forensic evidence V forensic evidence; that is data V data contest will take place in History‚Äôs 1st Cyberspace Olympics of Mind Body & Character on this very website .That is Suburban Dad's Track Record V Hollywood Bollywood Fleet Street & Madison Avenue Track Records. Suburban Dad V 1,000 Heroes from 10,000 years & 200 countries in cyberspace. Coming to you from Victoria.

Have a a romantic day!

John Wray McCann the Victori-an!

Victorian Minister for Romance.













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